This performance group was established in February 2019 by Charlene Simaika, a professional dancer from South Africa based in the Netherlands.  The group consist of various performers from across Africa, united with their passion for dancing and performing while showcasing their beautiful heritage from their various countries.  Originally our first performance was at the International Mother Language Day 2019 in The Hague, hosted by the Bangladesh Embassy on 23 February 2019.  At that time it was only ladies and we used to be African Queens, but as time went on, our group extended and we had male performers also joining.  The name was chosen to represent us as one, a family away from home, a team and friends.  Our main focus is to take our audience on a journey to Africa dancing on various African music, with energetic dance performances and vibrant dynamics that capture the hearts of our audience.  Singing and instrumental performances are also part of our repertoire.

Let us take you on a journey through our gallery where we showcase all our performances.

This is what makes our group such a special group as we are all from different countries in Africa and unite as one group that shines the African sun in Europe.